BeProduct’s Comprehensive 3D Suite for Digital Product Creation

In the digital era, Digital Product Creation (DPC) tools are revolutionizing the way brands design and visualize their products. By integrating cutting-edge 3D modeling and simulation technologies, BeProduct DPC allows for unprecedented creativity and innovation, all while significantly reducing development time and costs.

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From Concept to Launch

Simplify and Automate your 3D Workflows


Curate 3D libraries for vibrant designs with true-to-life textures and fabrics.


Start with customizable 3D blocks for accurate design sizing and fit.


Integrate seamlessly with 3D software for enriched design processes


Share 3D assets to foster innovation and streamline design across teams.


Utilize rendering tools for high-fidelity design visualization.


Publish 3D designs across platforms for uniform product representation.

3D Libraries

Manage and Share
All your 3D Assets

Kickstart your project by uploading textures and physical properties to create realistic 3D materials in our libraries. BeProduct enables you to categorize and organize all 3D assets, including fabrics, trims, labels, and more, into a searchable system tailored to your classification preferences. This foundation sets a high standard for visualization and design innovation.

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3D Blocks

Foundation with Blocks

Access 3D block library to quickly start your designs with the correct avatar, patterns, fit, and sizing. These blocks, maintained by you, streamline your design base, ensuring consistency and precision across collections.

3D Design

Seamless Design Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your preferred 3D design software using our dedicated plugin. This provides you with immediate access to our comprehensive 3D libraries, enriching your design process and enhancing productivity.

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Collaboration through Co-Creation

Foster innovation and streamline the design process by sharing 3D assets with team members and external partners. This collaborative approach not only boosts creativity but also significantly reduces the reliance on physical prototypes.


Bring Ideas to Life

Employ our advanced rendering tools and construct 3D mood boards to bring your designs to life.

These visualization tools allow for immersive presentations and early concept approvals, reducing the need for physical samples.

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Accelerated Time to Market

With designs refined and approved, seamlessly publish them to sales channels, marketing materials, and online platforms using BeProduct’s APIs, SDKs, or automation features. This ensures accurate and consistent representation of your 3D designs across all consumer touchpoints, significantly speeding up the product’s journey to the market.

Merging Creativity with Efficiency

Integrating BeProduct's PLM and DPC solutions transforms fashion product development by merging operational efficiency with creative innovation. This combination accelerates product timelines, enhances design precision, and fosters collaboration, while significantly cutting costs and promoting sustainability. Brands gain the agility to respond swiftly to market trends, ensuring every product not only meets but exceeds quality standards and market demands.

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Why Choose BeProduct?

Enhanced Design Innovation

Break free from the limitations of traditional prototyping to explore more creative and daring designs with the power of 3D technology.

Faster Product Development Cycle

From design to review, shorten your product development timeline with rapid prototyping and instant feedback loops.

Sustainable Design Practices

Minimize revisions and lower costs with sustainable design strategies, smarter material choices, and enhanced supplier collaboration.

Cost Reduction

Dramatically reduce expenses associated with physical sampling, materials, and logistics by adopting a digital-first design approach.

Accelerated Time to Market

Launch products faster with streamlined workflows and improved collaboration, staying ahead in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Improved Market Adaptability

Stay competitive by quickly responding to market trends and consumer preferences with agile digital product creation tools.

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